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ASM Mammal Diversity Database


The Mammal Diversity Database of the American Society of Mammalogists (ASM) is your home base for tracking the latest taxonomic changes to living and recently extinct (i.e., since ~1500 CE) species and higher taxa of mammals.

Here we are curating the taxonomic implications of new research publications in real time — with the goal of promoting rigorous study of mammal biodiversity worldwide.

Current version: v1.13, released 13 Jul 2024. Past versions on Zenodo:

Taxa MSW3 2005 MDD 2018 Current
Total 5,416 6,495
Recently extinct 75 96
Living 5,341 6,399
Domestic 0 16
Living wild 5,338 6,382
Genera 1,230 1,314
Families 153 167
Orders 29 27