The Mammal Diversity Database

Development for this work is funded primarily by the American Society of Mammalogists (ASM), with initial logistical and planning support (2017-2019) provided by the NSF Vertlife Terrestrial grant. Logistical support is now provided by the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center at Arizona State University.

The ASM Biodiversity Committee compiles and maintains the Mammal Diversity Database (MDD), an updatable online database of mammal taxonomic and biodiversity information hosted by ASM at This database aims to provide the latest information on species-level and higher taxonomic changes, thereby promoting more rigorous study of mammalian biodiversity worldwide. The initial objective has been to aggregate, curate, and compile, new citations on species descriptions and taxonomic revisions into regular releases that are downloadable in comma-delimited format. Downstream goals include expanded hosting of ecological, trait, and taxonomic data. Overall, this initiative aims to promote the ASM’s role as a leader in high quality research on mammalian biology.

Our curation team

Nate Upham Connor Burgin Jane Widness Madeleine Becker Camilla Parker Schuyler Liphardt David Huckaby
Chair Student Research Assistant Student Research Assistant Student Research Assistant Student Research Assistant Student Web Developer Mammal Images Library, Chair
Arizona State University University of New Mexico Yale University George Mason University Columbia State University University of New Mexico Long Beach State University

Oversight by the ASM Biodiversity Committee

E. Abreu, J. Alston, T. Androski, C. Burgin, C. Calderón-Acevedo, J. Colella, E. Craig, T. Demos, M. Dyck, J. Esselstyn, P.-H. Fabre, A. Feijó, A. Ferguson, M. Hawkins, D. Huckaby, B. Kohli, S. Maher, J. M. Martínez Cerón, V. Mathis, M. McDonough, S. Mech, A. Mychajliw, J. Nations, R. Norris, G. Oliver, O. Ornelas, B. Patterson, N. Pradhan, D. Reeder, M. E. Rodríguez-Posada, L. A. Ruedas, B. Tanis, N. Upham (Chair), J. Widness.

Citing the MDD

The Database:

Mammal Diversity Database. [current year]. American Society of Mammalogists. Accessed [current date].

A specific entry: Each entry has a citation string at the end. For example:

Mus musculus (ASM Mammal Diversity Database #1003372) fetched [current date]. Mammal Diversity Database. [current year]. []

Version 2.0 taxonomy:


Version 1.0 taxonomy:

Burgin, C. J., Colella, J. P., Kahn, P. L., and Upham, N. S. 2018. How many species of mammals are there? Journal of Mammalogy 99:1—11.

Taxonomic overview

[Insert editorial comments and overall philosophy, especially as regards extinct species, domestics, and Groves & Grubb 2011.]

Content goals for improvement

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